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  • Henry County Review of Books

    There is something soothing and peaceful about the sight of moss on rock walls, along creek banks or blanketing logs. Bright patches of moss are especially visible this time of year, when our woods and forests are doing the work of winter.

  • At a pregnancy crossroads? There’s help

    By Amy Tapp

    There is a lot of talk lately about abortion. For example, New York has passed the “Reproductive Health Act,” and some in Virginia wanted to roll back a number of requirements on abortion restrictions. What many people don’t realize is that late-term abortion is already legal nationwide.

  • A healthier you: Get off the couch!

    BY Mark Brockman

    Guest Columnist

    Are you a pretender? That doesn’t sound good, does it? But pretending can be a great thing when used correctly.

    Here’s what I’m talking about: motivating oneself by using one’s imagination.

    Snoopy did it. Remember? “Here’s the World War I flying ace in his Sopwith Camel flying at 2,000 feet searching for a dog fight with the Red Baron . . .”

  • Chamber of Commerce update

    BY Holly Kinderman

    Executive Director Chamber of Commerce

    Hello 2019! We are ready for the New Year.

    Twenty-eighteen was a wonderfully busy year for us at the Chamber, we have had some great programs, dinners, networking opportunities, ribbon cuttings, Ag Week and more. We have truly enjoyed getting out in the community and being a positive voice for Henry County.

  • Pulitzer-Prize winner from 100 years ago relevant today

    BY Stuart W. Sanders

    Kentucky Historical Society

    Citizens mired in apathy. International money and foreign agents influencing domestic politics. Americans ensconced in a bubble of prosperity and isolationism, unconcerned about other nations. Greed and self-interest dividing us, damaging our reputation abroad and superseding a love of country.

     Sound familiar? 

     Although these charges could appear in today’s headlines, a Kentucky newspaper editor wrote about them a century ago.

  • The way we were



    He stood in front of the class repeating over and over: “A. A. A. A. A.”

    With the utterance of “A” we as a class pressed the typewriter key “A” with our left pinky finger. The click-clack of typewriter keys struck in unison resounding throughout the room.

    The ring of the “end of line” bells sounded and the carriages returned as the paper advanced for the next line of text.

    Welcome to typing class 1970 style.

  • Open Records inform public, increase accountability

    As the editor of this news organization, and a longtime journalist in my own right, I have to admit I’ve been feeling really anxious lately.

     No, it wasn’t because of the demanding deadlines I have — not only every week for the paper, but in my graduate program I took on simultaneously. And no, it wasn’t the day-to-day anxiety I feel due to my diagnosed anxiety disorder.

  • Henry County Review of Books

    By Carden Willis

    What makes a hero a hero? Hollywood movies and comic books present us with larger-than-life figures who can swoop in and rescue us from crisis with their formidable strength and bravery. In reality, however, heroes are more often like David, humble and unassuming in stature, armed with simple, underestimated weapons.