Today's Opinions

  • Open Records inform public, increase accountability

    As the editor of this news organization, and a longtime journalist in my own right, I have to admit I’ve been feeling really anxious lately.

     No, it wasn’t because of the demanding deadlines I have — not only every week for the paper, but in my graduate program I took on simultaneously. And no, it wasn’t the day-to-day anxiety I feel due to my diagnosed anxiety disorder.

  • Henry County Review of Books

    By Carden Willis

    What makes a hero a hero? Hollywood movies and comic books present us with larger-than-life figures who can swoop in and rescue us from crisis with their formidable strength and bravery. In reality, however, heroes are more often like David, humble and unassuming in stature, armed with simple, underestimated weapons.

  • Henry County’s riches are in its people

    The Henry County Local recently received an unsigned note with no return address.

    Its contents?

    Three quarters–as in 75 cents– taped to heart stationery with this note:

    “I am sending the 75 cents because I bought a paper at the box at Smithfield post office. I thought I only picked up one, but when I got to the car and went to look at the paper I had two. Sorry for the mistake.”

    The P.S. read: “God is watching us.”

  • Reflecting on 2018 in Henry County

    Every New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes midnight “Auld Lang Syne” is heard around the world.

    “Auld Lang Syne,” which means “times gone by,” is a Scottish tune written by poet Robert Burns in 1788. It’s a song that reflects on the past and looks to the future at the same time.

    As we begin a new year, it’s good to look back at times gone by.

    The year 2018 was a time of growth for the Henry County Local. We’ve grown the number of readers, advertisers, social media followers and as a team.

  • Jesus in the manger is a safer Jesus

    “BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Away in a manger on Bethlehem’s public square, a woman approached a statue of the baby Jesus one dark, December night. Then she stole it.”

  • The way we were

    BY D Wayne Martin


    This is a new, monthly column about Henry County’s past, present and future. D Wayne Martin recently retired from UPS Freight in Lexington after 38 1/2 years of work and is now a writer. He is a 1973 grauate of Eminence High School.

    During this time of year many folks–as I do¬think of holidays past. It is my wish that those memories will be of pleasant times.

  • Introducing: Henry County Review of Books

    BY Carden Willis and John Inscore Essick

    The Henry County Local is beginning a monthly column we are calling the Henry County Review of Books. Authors Carden Willis and John Inscore Essick will take turns highlighting a book that has happened into their hands and challenged us, inspired us or gotten us talking to each other.

  • The other Christmas story

    The Christmas story most of us learned in church is a combination of stories recorded in the Gospels according to Luke and Matthew. We take what they recorded, which occurred over several months, and neatly package it into one spectacular night.

    Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem . . . Mary gives birth to Jesus . . . Angels sing to shepherds and shepherds come to the manger to see Jesus . . . From far, far away, three Magi (or kings) show up with expensive gifts for Jesus, only to disappear as quickly as they came.