Today's Opinions

  • A busy summer for the Henry County Chamber

    Holly Kinderman
    Henry County Chamber of Commerce
    It has sure been a busy summer in Henry County and fall is getting closer. The kids have started back to school and it won’t be long until all of the fall festivals will be starting.
    Just a reminder: The Henry County Farmers Market is still open and going strong on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the courthouse lawn in New Castle.

  • Letter to the Editor - August 15, 2018

    Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions should be charged with kidnapping and convicted for their crimes against immigrant families at our borders. There is no other reasonable and just response to this outrage. Americans must acknowledge and actively resist this lawless president and his administration and its enablers. I, for one, have had enough.
    Democrats and Independents must get up off the couch and vote in the upcoming midterm election. A twenty or thirty percent response from voters is shameful and inadequate, because our democracy is under threat.

  • Kentucky agriculture, manufacturing update

    Regardless of the subject, it seems we always want to know how we stack up. 
    It happens on the playing field and in places like the classroom.  It also takes place among the states as they try to gain any kind of competitive edge.
    Each year, an annual publication known as “State Rankings” gives us a scorecard, so to speak, by compiling more than 500 lists that cover a variety of areas, from agriculture and education to health and the economy.  This provides a much clearer picture of what appears to be working and where improvement may be needed.

  • Everyone needs a boost now and then

    The young bird dropped from the tree. I’m sure the bird would claim that he had flown from the tree. I will admit that he was flapping his wings as he plummeted toward the ground; but to me, it looked more like a fall than a flight. Whether flight or fall, he seemed happy to be on solid ground.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I believe we should start by reforming and protecting our elections. Everyone eligible to vote should be able to do so without unnecessary inconvenience, fear of being purged from voting rolls, or concern that machines that can be hacked in five or six minutes won’t count their votes correctly. And wherever possible, state and national legislative districts should be dawn by nonpartisan bodies to more fully represent the diversity of opinion and interests that is one of the greatest assets of our nation.

  • County and state road update

    By John Logan Brent
    County Judge-Executive
    Our office has taken more calls about roads in the last six months than in any other full year I can remember. This stands to reason since there are many roads in need of attention. The causes for these worsening road conditions are numerous: heavy rains and floods are more frequent, the volume of heavy truck traffic and traffic in general is increasing, and gas taxes are down while costs of maintenance are rising. The state gas tax that funds road maintenance is down 4 cents a gallon or 13% from 2013.

  • Give me patience, but hurry!

    Not a day goes by, and usually not even an hour, when we don’t face the considerable challenge of waiting for something or somebody. Waiting in a checkout line. Waiting for everyone to gather for a meeting or a lunch appointment. Waiting at a traffic light. Waiting in a doctor’s office. The list could go on and on, and those are just the relatively harmless forms of waiting. I’m sure you can think of other instances that are much more challenging and even frightening.

  • Ag commerce park becoming a reality

    By John Logan Brent
    Henry County Judge-Executive

    Fiscal Court recently approved two option agreements that would move the county owned Commerce Park toward my personal vision of an Ag Commerce Park.

    The two businesses with plans to locate are The Milkhouse Creamery and Rabbit Hole Distillery. They will join Trackside Butcher Shoppe as an occupant and be a neighbor to Victory Hemp which is located next to the park.

    One thing that all of these businesses have in common is that they support local farms and add value to their crops and livestock.