Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Recognizing unsung community heroes

    Recognizing community role models

    During Black History month, some of the unsung are not recognized. They may not realize how they inspired, informed, guided or educated young people. Their conversations and actions are powerful. Some are gone now, but hopefully their families will relate to their impact and a bit of Black cultural legacy.

  • Looking for courageous leaders to set the right tone

    Rep. Rick Rand (D-Bedford) told a story last Saturday during the Henry County town hall meeting that stuck with me.
    Rand explained that when he was first elected to the Kentucky legislature, he asked a mentor how to know when he was doing the right thing for his district. The advisor answered, “You already know what’s right. You just need the courage to do it.”
    Courage is lacking in the Kentucky legislature, Rand believes.

  • Letters: Object to state road cuts

    Object to state cuts of local road projects
    The governor’s proposed six-year road plan was not kind to much needed road improvements in Henry County.
    The plan defunded four projects and pushed back the start date on Ky. 146 phase I.
    The four projects that were defunded were Ky. 389 near Port Royal where the road is giving way to the river; Ky. 241 in Pleasureville, which included drainage and much needed sidewalk repair; Ky. 55, North Main Street in Eminence, where utility poles are literally a few inches from the roadway; and phase II of Ky 146, Clean Harbors to New Castle.

  • Social media fears cause a virtual nervous breakdown

    Is there any word more apt to describe the recent eruption of parental concern on social media over talk of violence at Henry County High School than hysteria?
    It’s unfortunate that instances of school shootings happen so often and that they come to our attention to spur so much fear, but that’s where we are.
    These factors apparently contributed to a breakdown of trust of the decision-making abilities of the educators who are charged with taking care of the students during the day.

  • Letter: Seeks support for MKSSF scholarships

    Scholarship fund seeks support for local students
    Growing up in Eminence in a Christian family, life sayings and lessons are given frequently. “Knock and the door will be opened to you,” part of Matthew 7. We had no doubt that education, life, love, adventure, service and more was within our reach.
    Unfortunately, in rural areas in Kentucky, including Eminence, the cost of tuition is rising in community/technical schools, colleges/universities (i.e. for-profit, non-profit, and private).
    The cost is estimated from $14,000 to $40,000, depending on the type of school.

  • The Local strives every day to bring you a quality paper

    Newspapers across Kentucky gathered in Lexington last week at the Kentucky Press Association’s convention to celebrate the best in the print industry. The Henry County Local received recognition, taking home a respectable 15 awards earned by individual members of the staff.
    The Local team also won second place overall in the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers in the statewide contest for our size category as determined by our circulation numbers.
    Sports editor Greg Woods brought home four awards from the KPA contest.

  • Letter: Are you prepared for a disaster

    Are you prepared?
    As we look back nationally at 2017, there were many good things that happened. Unfortunately, there were also many incidents that displaced or hurt Americans and visitors and even caused loss of life.
    Some people think; “I live in Henry County, nothing like that is going to happen to me.” But if it does, are you prepared?
    The Henry County Emergency Management Agency’s slogan is “Prepare, Respond and Recover.”

  • Letter: Speak out against racist remarks

    Speak out against the president’s racism
    I am calling upon fellow Henry Countians, with or without Christian charity and Christ’s lessons in their hearts, all Americans who abide by the U.S. Constitution to openly denounce Donald Trump for his harmful, racists, disgusting remarks made on Jan. 11 in a meeting on “immigration reform.”